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Enhance every aspect of your event

Data Storage. Information Security. Email Marketing and Tracking. Onsite Access Control.

Add confidence, peace of mind and additional services.

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Access & Capacity Control 

Access control is an important element to any event, ensuring the right people get access to the right areas, e.g. VIP Lounges, Press Rooms, Speaker Rooms etc, including any special programmes or events within the main event. 

Our scanners are quick and efficient, keeping the lines moving and keeping all data secure. 

Any connection or network issue during the event? not a problem, this will not stop the scanners working and as soon as a network is established again, the data will sync.

Additionally, event capacity requirements have become more frequent in various locations over the last couple of years. A capacity limit can easily be set and monitored during the event to make sure any local requirements are met.

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ISO27001 Information Security Management

​​​​​​​Included in all our packages and services is the confidence in knowing that Jemex Ideas takes information security very seriously, and since 2017 have maintained ISO27001 accreditation.

This demonstrates our commitment to information security and protects our client's information assets.

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Event Data Storage

Lite - Single Event Data Storage
  • Single event for one time use

  • Contains a general 6-month data storage for one event

  • Storage extension can be purchased based on requirement

Lite - Single Event Data Storage - Repeat Events
  • Single event with multiple time / year use

  • Prepopulate stored personal profile to the account registered in previous years, saving registrants’ trouble re-entering personal information every year

Bank Data Storage - Multiple Event Data Storage -
Repeat Events
  • Multiple events with multiple time / year use

  • Creates a central data hub and enables data retrieval through hub connection for different series of events in different years. Loyal registrants with the organiser attending multiple events across years, after first registration, the attendee will not need to re-fill registration information in another year’s event, or even in another series of events.

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Targeted Email Campaigns

Sending large batches of targeted emails for a particular set of attendees, potential attendees or exhibitors. Such as instructional emails, important notices or updates, reminders on event related information or entry and invitational purposes. 

These can be efficiently handled through our system, from an organiser perspective directly from their admin login, dynamic emails with a personalised touch, without the extra time, even exhibitors can have the function to target attendees based on their interests and open lines of communication and chat. 

An effective tool to aid in your event success. 

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Email Tracking

Ever needed to know if a confirmation email or password reset email was received by an attendee? Or how many you have sent? Was it read? Was it blocked? 

Well now you can, with our email tracking and delivery status feature, you can see from the attendee account directly, all within the same system, one click and you can see all system generated emails sent to that attendee and more importantly, the email status. 

Having this information so accessible will greatly aid the member of staff dealing with the inquiry. Provide accurate and valuable information. 

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