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In-person Events! 

Where Jemex Ideas started and have a tried and tested complete set of solutions to make your next event a success. Used in hundreds of events across the world.

From event registration, through to attendee and exhibitor experience features, custom integrations, onsite solutions and more.

       Jemex Ideas has the 



Event Registration

Our dynamic, powerful and highly customisable event registration system can handle any event you throw at it, from small attendance, simple registration events through to the largest scale, more complex registration demands.


Bespoke branding throughout the system making your registration match the theme and style of your event. Customisable online registration form and home page, for free or paid events. Dynamic fields for specific demographics.


Group registration, ID collection, pre-event ID verification....we have got your registration covered!

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Check-in and Event Badging

Whether a free or paid event, all attendees require an event badge and to check-in. 

The next question is, printed badge or digital badge? 

Digital badges are more common as time goes on, they save cost, the environment and also improve the attendee experience by allowing for an easy event entry process. 

Digital badges can be provided in the form of a QR code via email, digital badge within the attendee's registration account home page or even adding the digital badge to their device wallet. Apple or Google wallet. 

Printed or Digital Badge - or both is no problem! 

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Access & Capacity Control

Access control is an important element to any event, ensuring the right people get access to the right areas, including any special programmes or events within the main event. 

Our scanners are quick and efficient, keeping the lines moving and keeping all data secure. 

Any connection or network issue during the event? not a problem, this will not stop the scanners working and as soon as a network is established again, the data will sync.

Additionally, event capacity requirements have become more frequent in various locations over the last couple of years. A capacity limit can easily be set and monitored during the event to make sure any local requirements are met.

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Lead Retrieval

To make the most of an event and maximise ROI, accurate data from interested attendees is essential. Often sponsors and exhibitors can be overlooked, even though they are one of the most important attendee types.

For most sponsors and exhibitors, it is vital that potential leads are accurately tracked, and contact details are securely stored so they can continue to connect with them and build their customer base post-event.


Our Lead Retrieval service provides the way to correctly collect and qualify those leads so your sponsors and exhibitors can capture and connect with potential clients and ultimately grow their sales. Data reports are also available throughout your event to enable efficient post-event marketing and future planning.

Lead retrieval app, reporting, QR code scanning, real time view leads, offline scanning, notes & surveys, access control, lightning-fast scanning!

Onsite Support Staff

Need onsite staff? no problem, we can provide professional onsite support in all roles.

  • Check-in 

  • Registration Counter

  • Help Desk 

  • Scanning

  • Ushers/Crowd Control 

Including training and management. We have provided our onsite support staff to many events over the years, from small teams to large teams comprising of 100+ staff.

Dedicated Customer Care Team

A dedicated customer care team managing all inquiries related to your event. Operating as a contact centre and a reliable contact point for your event attendees and exhibitors.


Set up according to your requirements, we can provide support through email, call, live chat and through a chatbot. 

Take the pressure of your existing team by outsourcing to our team, with years of experience running contact centres for multiple large-scale exhibitions, we know how to ensure your event attendees get the support and service they should receive, from pre-event right through to post-event. 

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Looking for something more Custom?

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