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Our platform gives exhibitors this ability!

Your exhibitors are vital to your event, so why not give them the tools to effectively manage their package, increase attendance, create leads, connections and network with targeted attendees?

Equip Exhibitors with the right tools

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Invitation system

Our Invitation System provides an effective solution for exhibitors to effortlessly manage their pass allocation by inviting or directly registering their guests, staff and contractors. ​


Invite and register attendees using provided allocation through multiple methods​


Purchase/payment feature allowing additional passes to be purchased​


Can integrate with third-party platform such as Salesforce to exchange different sets of data


Create and manage account users (provide access to additional coordinators)​


History - review and search registration records and export to Excel​

Custom Email Invitations

Add a personalised touch to emails, exhibitors can create an unlimited amount of custom email templates, with company logos, which can be selected to use instead of a default email template for their pass invitations.

Custom messaging

Thank your guest for registering or simply ask them to come and see you at the event! Custom messaging allows exhibitors to create a message with a logo which will appear as a pop-up message when attendees log in to their account. 

Easy and effective way for exhibitors to communicate with attendees. 

Programme / Event


Summits, seminars and programmes are an integral part of a great event. Given limited seating, programme owners need to manage the application and approval of attendees who have shown interest in those sessions.


Our Programme Approval System (PAS) will be your one-stop application to ensure you have a full house, with the right attendees. ​

Programme creation according to requirements, name, opening/closing date, capacity, description, location and even if a minimum badge level is required to apply​

Post event reporting​

Approve/Decline applications within system, one-by-one or in bulk, triggering email notifications to corresponding attendees​

Search history for all attendees applying to that programme, also exportable to Excel

Upload pre-approved lists from Excel files

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Targeted Email Campaign with Exhibitor Networking

ROI for exhibitors can be improved with email campaigns and exhibitor networking. Send targeted emails based on attendee profiles/interests and network with those connections through the same platform, no need to log in to another website. 

Build valuable relationships with potential leads and arrange follow ups and meetings. 

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