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boosting productivity, functionality and communication

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Integrations are an important part of many systems, boosting productivity, functionality and increasing communication between systems.

We do not rely on integrations; however, we know they have there place and can improve user experience and provide third-party data sharing.


Payment gateway integration

​​​​​​​Integrating a payment gateway will allow payments to be made via credit card within the registration system. 

Everything that is needed to accept payments online. 

Safe and secure transactions with excellent user experiences on all devices. 

Virtual Element Integrations

Various integrations are possible for virtual only or hybrid events depending on requirement and budget, seamlessly integrated into our registration system to provide a true, one-login for all experience. 

Welcome lobby, networking, live video streaming, hosting with is all possible to have within the one system! 

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Custom APIs

Additional third-party systems can be investigated and integrated when needed or suggested by any of our clients. Just ask and our Team will be more than happy to check it out! 

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Looking for something more Custom?

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