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Seamless. Powerful.

Our dynamic event registration system offers a powerful platform, beautifully branded, reliable and user friendly. Making the complex...not complex.

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From small conferences to the largest exhibitions, our system can cater for every event and with a highly customisable configuration, can elevate every event! Supporting a variety of registration types, features and promo codes and even session registration to power event success.

Landing page, Customisation & Branding

Bespoke landing page with pass selection, custom content and sign-in.

Customisable branding throughout the system, in all areas including, site theme, layout, headers, footers, logos and email communication. Allowing your system and emails to match your theme! 

Our team will work with you to create "your look".

Online Registration form

Custom or pre-set online registration form, short forms for quick registration or longer forms if more information is required for collection and registration. 

All device friendly, dynamic and can include different rules or form fields for specific demographics if required. 

Group Registration

Want attendees to be able to register others? No problem, group registration is available in a variety of options, including Excel upload into the system for larger numbers or by directly adding one-by-one within the system without uploading any other files. 

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Free or Paid Event

Free to register or pay to register events are no issue with our seamless payment solutions. Allowing attendees to quickly and easily complete any required payment and be able to view or download their corresponding invoices for all payments directly within their account home page. 

ID Collection

Event depending, some events require attendee ID information to be submitted during registration or before arrival onsite. This can be seamlessly added into the registration process with custom fields, ID image upload and pre-population of fields based on image provided. 

This can also be securely linked to a third-party if required. Such as pass a local police check. 

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Pre-event Identity Verification & Facial Recognition

Pre-event ID verification has become more common and as a result, we provide this solution in a variety of ways, from a manual/visual verification within the system pre-event to the use of facial recognition, allowing for an automatic and instant verification. 

Besides accepting international travel documents such as Passport or EU ID - this can also include real name verification from Chinese ID cards to easliy verify the real name of the attendee through ID card number submission with a third party integration completing the check.

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Looking for something more Custom?

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