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seamless and personalised
event experience

The attendee experience starts long before the actual event starts, from pre-event registration right through to the event days. Creating a seamless and personalised event experience makes a successful event, a memorable event.

Seamless, User-Friendly Registration System

Often the start of the attendee experience is their pre-event registration, and this sets the tone for their event journey. So, why not make it great? 

We offer a seamless, powerful and beautifully branded registration system that is tried and tested, reliable and user friendly.


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Social Media Connections

Save attendee time by allowing users to connect their registration account to social media accounts, resulting in pre-population of attendee information saving them time and effort to complete their registration details. 

Save sign in time > pre-fill attendee info 

= happy attendees

Multiple Profiles with Single Log-in

Whether you are a general attendee, exhibitor, admin user or a combination of these, only one log-in is needed to access your account. 

Once logged in, users can easily switch between different profiles if they have more than one. 

No need for multiple usernames and passwords here! 

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Attendee Inbox within

Registration Account

We are all too familiar with attendees not being able to receive or find important email communications for your event, such as confirmation or password reset emails. 

This is an issue of the past with the attendee inbox, this is part of their registration home, simply log in to the account and navigate to the inbox in the account. 

All system generated emails are also stored here, making it easy for the attendee to log in and access all emails in one place. 

Add-on Products

If your event has additional products to sell, this is no problem with the "Add-on Products" feature, easily list extra items for purchase, such as Tours or Programmes. 

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Digital / E-badge

Printed badges are becoming less and less common as time goes on and we look for ways to further reduce our environmental footprint...with the extra benefit of saving cost and time for the attendees.

That's a win-win! 

With varying options on a Digital/E-badge solution, we can offer more than one choice to suit requirements and budgets. 

From simple QR Code Digital Badges sent via email or within the Registration Account to using Apple and Google Wallets.


Either way, the attendee has their badge easily accessible for quick and trouble-free event entry!

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Looking for something more Custom?

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