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your style and theme. your system.

Every event or project is unique, and we want your style and theme to carry through to your registration system!

Our Team will work together to ensure it matches expectation. With customisation available in almost all areas, we provide a flexible and accommodating approach.

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Custom system branding

Make your registration system match the theme of your event with customisable branding, colour, logos, banners, event sponsors and more. 

This is the start of the attendee journey and should match the event! 

Custom email branding

Branding does not end with the system, this will also include branded system emails for all system generated emails such as confirmation emails, password reset emails etc. 

Customisable in both content and branding, add your own headers, footers and logos so attendees know straight away who the email is from. 

Conditional formatting on emails

Additional formatting and logic can be added to emails to suit event requirements. This can include attaching PDF documents if that attendee meets set criteria, or a special message for certain groups. 

This can be used when the organiser wants to provide a specific demographic with additional information or attachments. 

Such as special pass holders, VIP, speakers, security, press, or if that attendee has selected/filled in a certain question within the registration process. 

​​​​​​​Customisable System Forms & Logic

The registration flow and questions are equally customisable, adding or removing particular fields is not a problem. We will create a registration form and journey based on your request. Logic can be included on areas of the registration process opening up additional options for the attendee if they meet criteria set. 

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Looking for something more Custom?

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