Event Registration

Our Event Account solution is a highly configurable platform that offers a capable and easy to manage system from start to finish. 



We understand how important the registration process is for events. From the basics of event account creation and management to more complex integrations, or a combination or selection of both, Jemex Ideas can offer seamless solutions to fit and exceed your needs.

Tailored to your needs


API Integrations


We pride ourselves on flexibility, we're able to tailor our services to match your requirements! Just let us know what you need and we'll see what we can do!

See the statistics behind your events registration in real time! We can also provide daily and whole event statistics as needed.

You can integrate different applications into your platform for a multi-faceted experience which you and your guests enjoy!


The safety of attendee information is of utmost priority and so we have the procedures and contingencies placed to assist this case!

  • Account Creation - Attendees can create their registration accounts using their email addresses, view event information and submit event applications or purchase items in the accounts

  • Event Survey – Create your event survey so that registrants need to answer the questions during their registration process for you to collect feedback and draw conclusions from the data to help plan and host better events.

  • Automated Communication - Trigger automated targeted emails after each successful registration or approved application to drive attendees to your next steps and build event buzz. You can customise these emails according to your needs

  • Registrant List in Backend - View details of all the registrations or applications. You can quickly search every registration and application and easily filter the data by registration or application status

  • Upload Event Attendance List in Backend – Upload your Event Attendance List from the backend to invite your guests in bulk to the events, and they will receive event confirmation emails once the upload is successful

  • Resend Event Confirmation in Backend – Resend registration confirmation or application approved acknowledgement to attendees in case they could not receive system communications due to various reasons, such as firewall settings and domain blocking etc.

  • Event Attendance Report - Full/Simple Registrant List Reports can be exported on demand in Excel format. Real-time statistics and reports on key performance indicators keep you well informed on event registration and attendance details. 

REAL landing page template
REAL landing page template

Account creation page
Account creation page


REAL landing page template
REAL landing page template



Our Event/Programme Registration solutions empower your team to set up small meetings to large conferences with customisable registration pages to meet your event needs and streamline all your work.


We create personalised and full branded online registration systems according to your event types to target the right attendees to drive and increase event attendance. Our goal is to ensure you get the most out of your investment.


Start managing your events with Jemex Ideas to save time, enjoy the flexibility of a fully integrated registration system and deliver a powerful and perfect registration experience!